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  • Full Investigative Reports (Sample) – Let Credifax do the legwork on new credit applications, or in other situations where you need current information to make a sound credit decision. The completed report is generally completed within 48 hours and it includes:

    • Complete Incorporation Information
      • Proper legal name
      • Trade name
      • Officer information
      • Debenture information
      • Incorporation date
      • Status
      • Related companies (where known)
    • Trade Reference Information
      • Up to 3 trade supplier references
      • Minimum of 2 trade references
      • Terms (where provided)
      • Credit Limit
      • Date of last sale (mm/yy)
      • Comments
    • Banking Information
      • Bank name
      • Branch location
      • Contact person
      • Bank comments
      • Date of last bank update
    • Public Legal Filings (Last 7 Years)
      • Returned Cheques Database Search
      • Collection Database Search
      • Additional Comments

      Note: Preliminary Reports will be printed and faxed after 48 hours, if the report cannot be completed. Final reports will be printed and faxed when all reference information has been received and entered.

      Note 2: Banking experience cannot be guaranteed without a signed authorization. You should submit your credit application as evidence of your customer’s authority to obtain a bank report. Without that information, you should expect delays.

  • File Reports (Sample)

    File reports are available on a “no file – no charge” basis. File reports are readily available for immediate delivery. Any new collections, returned cheques and/or public records (legal actions) since the date of last production are updated prior to delivery of the report.

  • File Updates

    File reports occasionally require certain items to be updated. Where you request, we will update up to 3 trade references OR the bank report. Any new collections, returned cheques and/or public records (legal actions) since the date of last production are updated prior to delivery of the report.

  • Full File Updates

    At times, our customers want ALL sections of a report updated. We will update each section of the report including incorporation details, officers, up to 3 trade suppliers, bank report, collection and returned cheque database searches, and public records (legal items).

  • Trade Reference Verification

    Single trade reference verification

  • Bank Reports / Bank Updates (Sample)

    A report, from the subject’s financial institution, that generally indicates the subject’s financial stability. The bank report usually includes how long they have been dealing, their loans experience, the existence of any operating lines of credit and repayment history, as well as activity in the current account. The bank advises whether there have been any returned cheques (NSF’s) in the last 3 months. Note: Banks now generally request documentation to support any inquiry (i.e. proof that their customer has authorized the inquiry). Fulfillment turn-around on average is 48 hours.

  • Crediscan – Database Searches (Sample)

    Search our database of over 250,000 public records registered in the Maritime offices of the Registry of Deeds, courthouse records (including small claims court), and prothonotaries’ (sheriffs’) offices throughout the region since 1995. We also conduct a search against our exclusive database of collections and returned cheques. Searches may be performed by plaintiff, or defendant. Over 600 new items are added each week! This does not include items registered under the P.P.R. (Personal Property Registry). These reports can be ordered separately (See P.P.R / P.P.S.A)

  • Incorporation Information (complete) (Sample)

    All public business registration information including the proper name, ID #, registration date, status, officers and directors, registered agent, type of business (partnership, limited liability, etc.,) and jurisdiction. Trade names and officer information are not available in some Provinces without conducting a physical search at the local registry). Government fees may apply in some cases.

  • Public Records Searches
    • Statement of claim (various court jurisdictions)
    • Dismissal of suit
    • Discontinuance of Suit
    • Settlement of Suit
    • Judgements
    • Discharge/ Satisfaction of Judgment
    • Mechanics liens
    • Lis Pendens
    • Discharges of Mechanics liens

  • Construction Project Reports

    All matters related to a particular construction project are covered in a comprehensive report on specific construction projects including:
    • Project Name
    • Project Address
    • Project Owner (Corporate name & Incorporation Info)
    • General Contractor (Corporate name & Incorporation Info)
    • Bonding Information (includes confirmation)
    • Project Value
    • Project Start Date
    • Estimated Completion Date
    • Project Financing (includes confirmation of funding)
    • Bank Report (on owner, or General Contractor)
    • Sub Contractors (awarded at time of inquiry)
    • % Completed at time of Inquiry
    • Sub Contractor Reference Verification (up to 3 sub trades)
    • Project Comments

  • Business Principal Reports (Sample)

    When granting credit to small-to-medium sized businesses, where little information is available, you may want to examine a credit report on the principal(s) of the business. CredinetTM Online access provides access to our exclusve database of consumer data items and public records. 
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