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 Credifax Atlantic Limited is a licensed Credit Bureau. Our consumer credit reporting license is issued annually under the Consumer Reporting Act (Province of Nova Scotia).

 We are authorized to conduct credit reviews and other investigations into an individual's consumer credit history, including returned cheques and collections reported. Credifax also gathers public record data from all jurisdictions in Atlantic Canada. Our consumer database is searchable and available online (See Crediscan Searches).

 ·  Business Principal Reports 

 When granting credit to small-to-medium sized businesses, where little information is available, you may want to examine a Crediscan report on the principal(s) of the business.


Crediscan Reports are an absolute must when granting credit to unincorporated businesses, sole proprietorships, and partnerships,


 ·  Business Principal Searches

 Our Advanced Master Search program enables you to see any other business names with similar owners. CredinetTM searches are available online, enabling you to sift through hundreds of thousands of records to see if there are any other related business (past or present) with common officer and/or director names. It also lets you know if there are any collections, returned cheques, or public records on file in our database against any officer or director.   

Commencing July 26, 2010, Credifax is no longer a selling agent for Trans Union of Canada.


For more information about our consumer report services, please contact us at

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